2014 Annual appeal letter from Board President Carol Sitton.


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3500 North A St.
Midland TX, 79705 432.682.2731
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Recording Library Midland, TX
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Learning Disabilities Services Midland, TX


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Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia & Visual Impairment Services

Serving Midland & Odessa, TX


The Recording Library of West Texas provides audio version books, audio version magazines & audio version newspapers to enrich the lives of people who cannot access the printed word. We're proud to offer visually impaired services that provide the ability to listen to audio versions of local & national publications. Our recording library is located in Midalnd, TX and we also proudly serve the Odessa area for audio recording services for those in need of Dyslexia services, visual impairment services or learning disabilities services. Visit our history or services pages to learn more about us.



Dyslexia Services Midland, TXOur radio station offers visually impaired services for the physically challenged in need of senior services is on the air! Our station offers radio reading to provide listening services to those with dyslexia and learning disabilities. You can listen to live RLWT radio podcasting on our site.

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Winter 2015 Summer 2014

Dyslexia Services Odessa, TX
Sam, one of our student volunteers.

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